Jun 17, 2009

Add "UPCC" and "CCAFI" on Twitter!

Welcome to 2009 and the upsurge of microblogging! :p

Follow the UP Concert Chorus on Twitter and get updates for UPCC activities, concerts, tour schedules, TV appearances, and more!

Follow also the CCAFI Blog on Twitter and get updates for UPCC Alumni activities, tidbits and trivia, UPCC Golden Anniversary preparations and more!

Visit http://twitter.com/CCAFI

No Twitter account? We've got out Twitter updates on the sidebar of The CCAFI Blog! Check it out!


  1. Reyjr Rombawa11:04 AM

    I'm a @UPCC and @CCAFI follower on twitter! Follow na rin kayo!

  2. The CCAFI Blog1:21 PM

    Spread the word! Let's follow @UPCC on Twitter!


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