Aug 1, 2009

Mass for Justice Emilio A. Gancayco

Retired Supreme Court Justice Emilio A. Gancacyco passed away on July 28. He is the father of Mian and Atty. Ambo (Paul) Gancayco (UPCC 70s); father in law of Atty. Dot Balasbas Gancayco (UPCC 70's) and founder of the Gancayco Balasbas Law Office where Atty. Ambo and Atty. Fortune Balasbas (UPCC 70's and 00's) are partners and co-owners.
Masses will be held nightly until Saturday, 7:30 p.m. at Loyola Guadalupe. Interment will be Saturday at 10 a.m. The family would like to request UPCC alumni and current members to sing at the masses. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Justice Emilio Gancayco Foundation are requested. Our prayers and condolence to the Gancayco family.

Following is an excerpt from a writeup of his daughter in law and UPCC alumna, Atty. Dot Balasbas-Gancayco, that she fittingly wrote some days ago. She writes for the Philippine Star.

"Last June 20, my father-in-law, retired Supreme Court Justice Emilio A. Gancayco, and who is now a month shy of his 88th birthday, was preparing to accept the highest award to be given a University of the Philippines alumnus at the UP Alumni Homecoming for the year 2009, The Lifetime Achievement Award, a distinction that he was certainly looking forward to receive, as it is a recognition of his being “an outstanding public servant and exemplary “man for others” who dedicated his life to the total development of man, mind, body and spirit...who served as chair of the Gancayco Commission, which was created by President Ramos to investigate the execution of Flor Contemplacion and the conditions of OFWs leading to the passage of the migrant workers act.

He founded the Organized Response For The Advancement of Society, Inc. [ORAS] to promote the value of punctuality and civility, a movement that resulted in the declaration of an annual Punctuality and Civility Month” [2009 UP Alumni Yearbook].

As the 2009 U.P. Alumni Yearbook further states, “spiritual development and values formation have been Justice Gancayco’s lifelong mission. He was founding Chairman of the Century Club Of Quezon City, Founding Chairman of the Charitable, Religious, Educational And Social Welfare Organization Of The Philippines; former President of the YMCA Philippines and the Asia-Pacific Alliance Of YMCA; Vice-President of the World Alliance Of YMCA; and Convenor of the National Earthday Network, Inc. among others.”

Unfortunately, on the same day that he was to receive his award, he had to be rushed to the Philippine Heart Center to be confined at its Coronary Care Unit as he was declared in a critical condition by his doctors."

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